Larchmont, NY

Client: Arthur Vincent & Sons



This elegant 1928 gothic stone church was in need of masonry restoration to preserve its façade. Corinthian Data Capture’s scanning services provided detailed three dimensional data for the elaborate entry stonework. This allowed replacement pieces to be cast without removal of the existing stones, exposing the building to possible water infiltration. The new sections cast from our drawings were an exact match to the pieces removed, thanks to our accurate laser scan technology.

Multiple scans were taken of the façade, complied and aligned to provide an accurate digital map of the stonework and details.
A scan was taken in close proximity to the archway, to insure dimensional capture of all surfaces of the arch.
Scan data was imported into CAD, to produce a shop drawing detailing the various cast stone components of the arch. This allowed for seamless integration with a CNC machine, producing an accurate mold of the pieces for casting.