Shelburne, Vermont

Client: Shelburne farms

The office, located within a strip mall shopping center, was digitally captured in 3 dimensions using a phase shift long range laser scanner. Multiple scans of the space were taken and compiled. The scans were exported into a CAD program, from which dimensionally precise plans of the space were developed. Based upon information derived from the scans and CAD plan layout, a report was prepared documenting the layout of the space, quantities of floor finishes, windows, and lighting fixtures, as well as verification of the lease square footage calculations.

Shelburne Farms - Shelburne, Vermont
Many of the cast stone railings and balusters had seriously deteriorated from age and weathering.
Scans of the railings and steps were taken to acquire dimensional data on the various pieces
Multiple scans were aligned to form a database of the existing site.
Scanned images were brought into CAD software to produce shop drawings of the various elements.
Thanks to Corinthian Data Capture’s accurate scan data, the cast replicas fit perfectly into the existing railings and steps, ensuring the beauty of Shelburne will continue for future generations.