Plainview, NY

The office, located within a strip mall shopping center, was digitally captured in 3 dimensions using a phase shift long range laser scanner. Multiple scans of the space were taken and compiled. The scans were exported into a CAD program, from which dimensionally precise plans of the space were developed. Based upon information derived from the scans and CAD plan layout, a report was prepared documenting the layout of the space, quantities of floor finishes, windows, and lighting fixtures, as well as verification of the lease square footage calculations.

Real Estate Building - Plainview, NY
Typical single planar (360 degree photographic type view) scan view of office area
Overhead plan view from complied scans
Overlay of the actual plan (red) versus original permit plan documentation. The visually apparent variation in alignment illustrates the value of having a document that accurately portrays existing conditions, especially if relying on that drawing to design or plan furniture.
Reflected ceiling view from aligned scans, an area often overlooked when compiling as-built information.