Ozone Park, NY

Client: Giaquinto Masonry

This sustainable design facility is the home base for NYC DOT’s engineers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. While in the early stages of construction, a field study was required to determine the exact location of the steel anchor bolts. Corinthian Data Capture’s laser scanning capabilities enabled shop drawings to be developed pinpointing all locations and their deviations from the construction plans. This information allowed a modification to the cast stone plates while under fabrication, allowing the project to proceed on time, saving substantial costs by eliminating potential construction clashes on site.


NYC DOT - Ozone Park, NY
Typical single planar (360 degree image) scan view of the construction site.
Single scan viewed in 3D, showing location of all anchor bolts and steel.
Scan with anchor bolts clearly shown, providing precise location data to bring into CAD file.
CAD file with scan image, allowing overlay to accurately locate anchor bolts and steel locations as-built.
CAD drawing produced from scan data, showing clash areas in need of remediation measures to properly set cast stone sills. Corinthian Data Capture’s scans provided advance warning of this construction issue, allowing a no-cost solution to be formulated prior to fabrication, keeping the project on time and on budget.