Corinthian Fall Conference & Presentation Schedule

September 24, 2010- Corinthian’s staff is gearing up for a busy Fall season both laser scanning and meeting with industry colleagues.
Corinthian will be an exhibitor at the Association for Preservation Technology International’s Fall Conference in Denver, CO on October 6-9, 2010. The conference highlights communication between preservation’s international community and Corinthian is excited to be a part of this industry event.
Corinthian is proud to announce that President John Smits’ abstract titled, “George Washington High School: A Case Study in 3D Laser Scanning for Masonry Documentation and Replication of Architectural Elements” has been selected for presentation at SmartDocHeritage 2010 on November 19 at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.
Mr. Smits will also be a speaker at the New York State Society of Professional Engineers’ Fall Professional Development Conference in Albany on November 12, 2010.

Corinthian Data Capture Scans Featured on
Lower Manhattan Development Corp. Website

July 30, 2010- As a result of the participation by Corinthian Data Capture in the documentation of the Ship Remnant found at the WTC site, Corinthian's images can be viewed at the official Lower Manhattan Development Corporation website. Corinthian employees can be seen scanning the site in the panoramic photographs provided by the LMDC. Corinthian's participation is also mentioned in the audio recording of the July 29, 2010 LMDC Board Meeting.

Corinthian Data Capture is proud to have been a part of the documentation of this historic discovery.


Corinthian Scan Images in NY Times

July 30, 2010- Corinthian Data Capture laser scan image from July 27 was the featured image in an article in today's New York edition of the New York Times on the Archaeological Study of the ship discovered at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

18th Century Ship Remnant Update

July 29, 2010- Corinthian Data Capture completed field scanning of the 18th Century Ship Remnant Discovered in Lower Manhattan. The Corinthian team scanned the ship at multiple intervals during excavation. The initial results thrilled the researchers on site, as they allowed for precision measurements and spectacular images to aid in their research on the vessel.

John Smits (blue hard hat) scanning on July 16, 2010
Scan Image of Ship Remnant
Scan Image of Ship Remnant Only
Scanning the Ship
July 27, 2010
John Smits with Scanner
July 27, 2010
Scan Image
July 27, 2010
Scan Image
July 27, 2010

Corinthian's Scanning Featured on

July 17, 2010- Corinthian's scanning reported on by the Gothamist 

Corinthian Data Capture Scans 18th Century Ship Remains Found at WTC Site in Lower Manhattan

July 16,2010- Corinthian’s laser scanning capabilities are a perfect match for this project as Phase Shift scanning allowed fast, reliable and comprehensive documentation of the Ship within the context of the project site.

We are coordinating photographic and scan images with the Owner and they will be released upon completion of the archeological excavation. Check back with us to see these exciting images.


Corinthian Data Capture Announces AIA/CES Approved Learning Program,
 "Laser Scanning for Design & Construction"

June 28, 2010- Corinthian’s new course will introduce the world of 3D Laser Scanning to design, construction, and restoration professionals, it will also serve as a way for those already familiar to the subject to increase their knowledge base.

The course includes a strong focus on using the technology within your existing CAD programs to enhance documentation.

The one hour program is approved for 1 HSW/LU by the AIA for Continuing Education.

Please contact Caitlin Uihlein at  to schedule an in-house program for your staff and colleagues.

Preservation Professionals attend Corinthian Data Capture’s Presentation of
Three Dimensional Laser Scanning at a Landmark House in Lloyd Neck, New York
June 16, 2010- Corinthian was pleased to be joined by about 30 professionals representing various historic preservation & restoration industries. Architects and engineers mingled with conservators and the local historic community for an afternoon of education and discussions.
Corinthian's presentation illustrated the various capabilities of using long range scanning data to study landmark buildings and structures. A demonstration of laser hand scanning for small detailed ornaments was also provided.

Corinthian Shapes the Next Generation
of Laser Scanning Professionals
May 28, 2010- Caitlin Uihlein, coordinator of Business Development at Corinthian Data Capture visited North Shore High School to provide a presentation on three dimensional laser scanning to North Shore’s AP Statistics class. Caitlin introduced the field of three dimensional laser scanning to the students as a career option for consideration when they go away to college in the next year. The students were thrilled to learn the technology behind some of their favorite 3D movies, as well as the practical applications towards architecture, engineering, and historical documentation.