Document single objects or entire rooms
Accurate digital archives and virtual exhibit tours

Museums have a mandate to share collections with the public, yet protect them from mishandling, as well as safeguard against exposure to moisture, sunlight and thievery.
Corinthian Data Capture's scanning capabilities provide a secure digital record of your prized collection items. Once scanned, the file can be used to reproduce an artifact for public handling or placement in an intranet or internet network for public interaction and study. This "virtual museum" enables you to share items from your collection that are unavailable due to lack of exhibit space or manpower. An entire exhibit hall can be placed on-line, filled with digital exhibits to help attract more visitors to your museum.

360 degree color scans can be taken of any exhibit room, providing a record of all items for insurance purposes, as well as routine inventory control. The scan records not only the artifacts, but the exhibit space as well, providing a scalable digital layout of the room for future exhibit planning.

Gift shops are a key source of income for any museum. Our scans record ornamental details of the building or signature exhibit items, providing a basis of digital files needed to replicate 3d or 2d models and artwork to use for fundraising items.

Use Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning technology services to safeguard and enhance your collections.