Develop digital prototypes

Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning technology provides a fast and accurate way to develop prototype molds. Using a physical model, our scanners will capture a digital 3D image, which is scalable to any size. The resultant data can be fed to a CNC machine to cut a prototype or mill a reverse mold.

Our scans can provide quality control assurance for surface areas and size. Objects or parts from a manufacturing run can be scanned and compared to their prototype, or to one another to prove dimensional accuracy of the production runs.

Corinthian Data Capture can produce exact layouts of your manufacturing equipment within the facility, allowing you to plan line upgrades and retrofits quicker and economically. These scans can often be accomplished while the facility is occupied and equipment running, providing no down time to your company's production runs.

Let Corinthian Data Capture become a component in your company's success.