Using modern 3D laser technology, we employ a long range laser scanner to digitally capture the fine details and form of large physical objects using a line of laser light. The scans create "point clouds" of data defining the size, shape, and surface of an object. Our long range scanner is ideal for any large scale structure or environment that requires documentation. Its full 360 degree scanning capability quickly documents a site. The scanner can be used in either sunlight or darkness; scans can be black & white or full color.

Document building façade

Corinthian Data Capture's effective capabilities are based in our strong synergy of hardware and software. Skilled in a variety of software, we have the capabilities to import raw scanner data into programs such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Geomagic, Rhino and other industry standards. This allows us to provide a deliverable of data in a form suitable for the clients needs.

Our long range scanner has numerous applications:

3D Measurable as-built Information BIM and Facility Maintenance Archives
Hazardous areas and equipment rooms Historical archive and Building restoration
Roadway or bridge analysis Structural analysis and testing
Forensic scene documentation Accident scene reconstructions
Virtual Tours or animations