Create digital archive data with non-invasive field surveys

Historic preservation projects are among the most difficult in the design and construction industry. The buildings are often filled with finely detailed ornamentation, or framed from handcut members that rarely lay plumb and square. Small, dark, inaccessible areas make obtaining measurements difficult. Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning technology services will help you by providing accurate digital capturing of existing building conditions.

Hand scanning of Building Ornament

Our laser scanners will obtain a complete digital record of the building, interior and exterior, in a non-invasive safe manner. The data can be readily translated into CAD format, allowing both 2D and 3D documentation to be prepared. Using both long range and hand held scanners the data base will contain dimensionally accurate detailed information unobtainable by traditional methods. This data archive will serve as basis for future work, and contain important replacement details in the event of a disaster.

Document building façade

Exact copies of details and ornaments can be easily crafted, using the data obtained from the laser scans. Damaged items can be scanned, digitally repaired, crafted and replaced.

3D CAD models can be formed with integrated information, allowing for ease of future building management and maintenance. 3D models can be created as animated fly-throughs, allowing website access to a wider audience.

Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning technology services will help preserve our architectural heritage.