Sands Point, NY

Client: Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks

Originally designed for Howard Gould by Architect Richard Hunt in 1909, this mansion was sold to Daniel Guggenheim in 1917, becoming part of his family’s Gold Coast estate. It was sold to the US Navy during WWII and eventually acquired by Nassau County in the early 19790’s. The mansion has fallen into disrepair, and is in need of extensive exterior refurbishment and restoration. As part of our efforts to help preserve local heritage sites Corinthian Data Capture scanned all facades to document the present status of the building, and gain important dimensional data on the building’s stonework.

Hempstead House - Sands Point, NY
Individual scans produced digital point cloud image file of the building
Some scans were taken with computer aligned digital photos, to enhance the color and assist in façade study
The point clouds produce a digital image file that captures all details of the masonry and stone relief, allowing dimensions and future modeling of ornamental elements.
Multiple point clouds were aligned, producing a three dimensional data image of the mansion.
The three dimensional image can be shifted and viewed from multiple perspectives, allowing the building to be carefully studied off-site.