230 Park Ave., New York City

Client: United Restoration


The elegant masonry structure is one of Manhattan’s landmarks, located near New York City’s famed Grand Central terminal. United Restoration was given the task of replacing deteriorated balusters and ornamental brackets. Corinthian Data Capture’s laser scanning capabilities were able to document the intricacies of the detail and profiles, while the original elements remained in place. This avoided any potential moisture intrusion into the facade while undergoing renovations, and reduced scaffolding requirements. The newly cast replacements were a perfect match to the originals, thanks to the detailed drawings produced from our scans.

The balusters needed to be copied during the winter months. Corinthian Data Captures scanning process enable quick response, since it is not impeded by cold weather like traditional hand mold methods.
Our laser scanner captured the precise profile of the baluster, providing data easily exported to a CAD file for shop drawing preparation
The large ornamental brackets had to be accessed via scaffold, and were scanned using a hand scanning unit to secure a high level of detail from the original bracket.