Using modern 3D laser technology, we employ a hand held laser scanner to digitally capture fine details and form of smaller physical objects or building ornamentation using a line of laser light. The scans create "a surface mesh" of data defining the size, shape, and surface of an object. Our hand held laser scanner is ideal for detailed data collection of objects that require documentation. Its touchless scanning capability precisely documents an object, providing a degree of accuracy unavailable by conventional measurement methods.


Corinthian Data Capture's effective capabilities are based in our strong synergy of hardware and software. Utilizing state of the art graphic software, we have the capabilities to import raw scanner data into programs such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Geomagic, Rhino and other industry standards. This allows us to provide a deliverable of data in a form suitable for the clients needs. Our data can also be formatted to feed directly into CNC machines, to allow for cutting of prototypes or molds.

Our hand held scanner has numerous applications:

Ornamental cornices and building details documentation Reverse engineering of small parts and objects
Interior plasterwork imaging in lieu of direct molds Non-invasive data collection of art objects and artifacts
Replication of museum artifacts