Indisputable documentation for your next case

Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning technology is a valuable asset when the need arises to document a crime or accident scene. Our scanning equipment will quickly map and document the entire scene in a non invasive manner, maintaining the integrity of the location. Once imported into software, a realistic scalable 3D view is produced, allowing investigators visual access to the scene from any perspective. This is a powerful tool in the search for possible causes and determining a sequence of events.

Corinthian Data Capture can also assist insurance claim documentation, providing not only a dimensionally accurate view of the subject, but also the surrounding 360 degree area to allow the accident to be viewed in its environmental context.

Laser scans sequenced over a defined period of time allow forensic engineers to carefully calculate movement and shift occurring within a structure. Our data will assist them in accurately defining the extent of the problem, and provide a baseline to measure future building data.

Corinthian Data Capture's President has been certified as an expert witness in Federal District Court, and understands the importance of precise data and expert testimony.

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