Acquire a partner in your facility's operations

Whether managing a small office building or a large university, the key to successful facility maintenance is having well documented current information for your physical plant and equipment. Corinthian Data Capture can be a valuable partner in achieving this information.

Corinthian Data Capture can construct a 3d model of your heating and process rooms. These animated models will allow you to link to onsite staff via computer, to view complex areas and diagnose issues when they arise. These same models are invaluable when preparing for renovation or alterations to physical plant facilities, providing a clear, dimensionally exact map locating piping and conduit runs for your engineering consultants and staff.

In older facilities, where no plans exist, our laser scan technology will provide accurate as-built of your existing condition, not just a floor plan, but a 3D map of the rooms, showing the ceiling, floor, walls and furniture. This will provide all the background data needed to successfully implement any future renovations or additions.

The exterior of your buildings and plaza areas are important too. Corinthian Data Capture will document present conditions, an important step in preparing a maintenance schedule for structural integrity and compliance with local building codes.

Let Corinthian Data Capture become a partner in your facility's future.