Point Clouds

Laser scanners collect raw data in three dimensional coordinate points, millions of points in a single scan. This data is registered together and cleaned by our computer technicians, providing a data base that can be viewed and manipulated in a variety of software packages.

3D Models

Using raw point cloud data as a basis a variety of 3D models can be produced. Photos can be overlaid on the point clouds for accurate realistic 3D images of a building or interior. Software packages enable solid surface models of buildings to be produced. Resulting 3D models can be further developed, allowing for animations and visual tours.

Building Plans

Scan data can be brought into Auto CAD and used as a basis for producing dimensionally accurate 2D plans, locating all existing elements seen within a building. This 2d plan can become a basis for a 3d BIM model.

Building Elevations

All windows, doors and exterior surface variations are located during the laser scanning process. Scan data can be brought into Auto CAD and used as a basis to produce dimensionally accurate 2D details of façade ornamentation and elements. These details are easily transferable into a 3d BIM model of the building.

Site plans

Site plans can be quickly produced from our scanning, providing a detailed plan of on-site existing conditions. This scalable data allows for great accuracy in locating site elements or volume calculations for cut and fill requirements.

Shop Drawings

When project conditions demand on-site confirmation of dimensions or templates, laser scanning provides a fast, highly accurate alternative to traditional hand measurement methods. Scanning produces an exact 3D database of the element, allowing accurate CAD drawings to be prepared ensuring a precise fit upon delivery to the site.