Corinthian Data Capture began in 2007, when Corinthian Cast Stone became the first company to acquire Faro Corporations new long range Photon laser scanner. It soon became a valuable asset, enabling quick, more accurate acquisition of computer ready building information than the long time practice of hand measurements and photographs. Scanning capabilities, coupled with new software technologies, quickly led to more diverse services, providing a new level of as-built documentation.

In 2009, Corinthian Data Capture was officially launched as a separate company by two businessmen, an architect and a manufacturer of building materials with longstanding ties to the construction industry. They saw the need for this technology, and the economic benefit it provides to almost any project. The technology is quickly becoming a standard within the industry and has the potential to revolutionize the construction and design process.

Our company can scan a building and produce computer drawings of its façades, plans or details. The information gathered can be transformed into a 3D fly through, showing the building from any perspective. We can digitally replicate a sculpture or three dimensional object, allowing it to be reproduced at any scale or digitally archived for future generations. Our scanners can record a crime scene, allowing unprecedented capturing of information that can be referred to for the duration of the investigation. Accident scenes, whether involving automobiles or a building collapse, can be recorded; the data used to study possible causes or as a jury display.

Complex piping and process rooms can be easily documented, allowing remote troubleshooting or additions to be easily planned. Hazardous sites can be safely measured and documented. Real Estate agents and property management companies can provide highly accurate square footage quantities for their commercial clients, an offer computer accessed 3D views of spaces for sale or rent. Contractors can verify the integrity of their installations, or check the quantities of material they are asked to provide on a job. Archeologists can document entire sites, with the ability to annotate the resulting data to mark important finds.

The list of uses increases daily. Corinthian Data Capture intends to be there, offering quality reliable scanning services that provide economic benefits to our clients.