Quick, accurate field measurements will maintain your schedule and budget

The ability to accurately visualize and plan construction phasing prior to actual on-site installation enables projects to move faster, meeting timetables and eliminating cost overruns. Corinthian Data Capture's laser scan technology services can assist the construction professional in managing the success of their project.

On site laser scan documentation of existing construction allows you to compare as-built conditions against proposed design plans. This gives you the ability to determine potential construction clashes before they take place, allowing remedial action to be crafted. It also becomes a common source of information for all subcontractors, eliminating multiple gatherings of imprecise information.

Digitally replicate façade and ornamentation in place, eliminating the need for selective demolition and the accompanying building protection and safety issues.

Quick and accurate measurements of field conditions allows for timely shop drawings of items custom fit to openings, insuring their ease of installation upon arrival at the site.

Having an up-to-date digitized record of actual conditions provides a basis for all parties involved to accurately plan project revisions and review change orders.

Corinthian Data Capture's Laser Scanning Technology services will help you meet schedule and budget on your next project.