Establish precise digital records, verify lease square footage

Owning a building has constant management issues, whether self-occupied or leased. Maintenance and space planning often relies upon outdated or inaccurate plans. Preparing rental leases requires accurate square footage accounting. Liability issues and building codes require periodic inspections to verify the integrity of your building. Corinthian Data Capture's laser scanning capabilities are invaluable in helping you establish accurate building plans and a 3D digital record of current conditions.

Our laser scan technology will provide accurate as-built of your existing condition, not just a floor plan, but a 3D map of the rooms, showing the ceiling, floor, walls and furniture. This will provide all the background data needed to successfully implement any renovations or additions, and verify square footage of rentable or usable space.

Exterior details and façade problems can be scanned for study or parts replacement, often without the use of dangerous scaffolds or probes opening the exterior to water infiltration. Full building scans provide a scalable benchmark image for engineering studies to record façade integrity.

Let Corinthian Data Capture become a component in your building's success.