Bayshore, NY

Client: Capital Restoration

This large colonial style brick and stone high school on Long Island’s south shore is renowned for its architectural beauty. Many of the decorative cast stone ornaments on the building were in need of repair or replacement. Due to the daily occupancy of the school, and the need for students’ safety, it was imperative to find a method to provide replacement of these elements with minimal interruption to the building’s fabric or school schedule. Corinthian Data Capture’s ability to collect all the data needed in a few short hours on-site, coupled with our in-house drafting and technical services, enabled Capital Restoration fast access to the pertinent information needed to begin casting stone ornaments.

Bayshore High School

All scans were aligned to provide a digital image of the building’s façade for study.
The main entrance pediment required replacement, and exact measurements were needed for the ornamental cast stone architectural components.
CAD drawings were developed based upon the scanned data, providing precise shop drawings of the entrance.
Hand scanning of the architectural details was done to insure accuracy in reproducing the parts.
Computer 3d images were cleaned up and digitally restored to provide a basis for the casting mold. The digital data produced from our scanning process help to expedite the mold process, allowing casting to be quickly produced to meet the contractor’s tight schedule.