Accelerate your schedule and minimize site visits

Architects and Engineers face many challenges in maintaining schedule and profitability on a project. Numerous trips to the field to collect data, redesigns due to construction issues or owner’s requests, and communication issues between professionals on a project all eat away at that precious commodity, a professional’s time.

Corinthian Data Capture’s laser scanning technology services will provide accurate digital capturing of existing building conditions. Laser scanning will gather data in hazardous areas, dark recesses, and spaces filled with piping and equipment. Facades will no longer require ladders for exact measurements. Places that were once nearly inaccessible are now readily available. We provide 360 degree measurable 3D scanned data of the site, establishing a base record that can be easily accessed via computer, eliminating time consuming return site visits. This digitized record of the building will allow you to create plans, elevations and sections accurately within a CAD framework.

On-site scanning during construction allows you to verify that your design is being followed, catching any deformities or variations before the next stage of construction occurs. Change orders can be readily reviewed against a base scan of existing conditions, insuring their validity and accuracy.


Corinthian Data Capture’s Laser Scanning Technology services will help you achieve a safe and profitable project.